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    Noise Travels

    Hospitals can be noisy, busy places with beds being moved, people talking, and equipment such as monitors and ventilators all making sounds.

    Both patients and staff benefit from quieter environments, however fabric partitions such as curtains do virtually nothing to help achieve any form of acoustic privacy.

    Lack of privacy

    A patient's dignity and privacy suffer in an environment where every noise and conversation can be heard even when curtains are drawn.

    Poor outcomes

    Noisy environments have an adverse effect on hospital patients leading to spikes in blood pressure, increased stress levels and tiredness due to interrupted sleep.

    "Disruptive noises can trigger ‘startle reflexes’ in patients leading to higher respiratory rates and elevated blood pressure levels"

    Cmiel, C. A., et al, 2004


    "Higher than normal pulse amplitudes in heart attack patients in acoustically poor healthcare environments as opposed to treated spaces."

    Hagerman, I., et al, 2005


    "Intensive care nurses reported irritation, fatigue, distraction and tension headaches as a result of acoustically poor environments."

    Ryehard E. E., et al, 2008