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    Creating a comfortable environment for children

    A hospital stay can be a strange and distressing experience for children. Our range of engaging images can help create a friendly and comforting environment and provide a welcome distraction. StoreyPanels are designed to provide a playful talking point that staff and parents can explore with the child.

    Create a unique impression

    Many of our customers have created their own design themes for their paediatric departments and have chosen screen images which complement those themes.

    You can choose from a range of child friendly stock images or make your own custom design.

    "The bed end screens with the Babar motifs help us very quickly create a child-friendly ambiance in all areas, making it easier to engage in conversation with the child so as to take their mind off any pain and anxiety they are feeling and keep them calm."

    Peter BurkardHead of Accident and Emergency Treatment, Männedorf Hospital, Switzerland.