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    Flexible privacy when required

    Silentia screens are easy to relocate between different fixing points, or can be mounted on mobile trolleys for added flexibility.

    This allows you to reconfigure outpatient areas for different purposes or meet changing demands without compromising on the privacy of the patient.

    Spaces that are easy to keep clean

    More patients are seeking care in an outpatient setting, thereby increasing the opportunities for hospital acquired infections.

    It is essential that these area are easy to keep clean.

    Silentia screens can be quickly and easily wiped clean as required and are less likely than curtains to become contaminated in the first place.

    "We have installed nearly 300 screens in a very wide range of departments, such as paediatrics, A&E, recovery rooms, the dialysis center, or patients’ rooms. Our staff have highlighted the ergonomics, durability, and simplicity of the new solution."

    Sylvain BertschyEquipment Procurement Manager, Riviera-Chablais Hospital.