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    Open Wards

    Privacy & Dignity

    Silentia screens can play a key part in enhancing the privacy and dignity of patients during their hospital stay.

    Visual privacy is only one element of privacy. A Silentia Screen has excellent sound absorbing properties allowing private conversations to be held a few feet away from the neighbouring bed.

    Screens can be used to form a cubicle around the bed affording complete privacy and encouraging visitors to knock rather than look through the gaps in curtains.

    Everyday Practicality & Hygiene

    Our wall-mounted, folding screens with locakable castors can be easily and silently fixed in any position as required.

    Thanks to EasyReturn, the screens naturally return to their folded state, out of the way and taking up very little space.

    If a screen becomes contaminated, or if there is an outbreak, it is simple to wipe the screens clean with a cloth and cleaning fluid or water, minimising downtime on the ward.

    "The screens are very practical and straightforward. They fit perfectly into our workflow. They are an integrated and well established solution."

    Silvia RoseryHead of Nursing in the Cantonal Hospital in Ur