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    Flexibility when required

    Silentia screens can help manage patient flow while maintaining patient privacy.

    Staff can use open spaces when visibility and fast access are the priority, or create temporary spaces with improved privacy and noise reduction without totally closing them in from floor to ceiling like a curtain. Screens can be quickly moved away in emergencies and do not interfere with ceiling mounted equipment such as hoists and lighting.

    Hygienic and easy to clean

    With hygiene being a priority in intensive care units, curtains are a bad solution being impossible to clean without being taken down which is time consuming and inconvenient.

    Silentia screens can be cleaned like any other surface, minimising downtime and disruption to the unit.

    The screen can be moved using a single touch point thereby reducing the chances of infection transmission.

    "The screens are easy to use. When we need more room we just move them to enlarge the available space. They simply deliver the privacy needed while keeping the advantages of the open space concept"

    Gilles JégouClinical Expert at the Intensive Care Unit C at HFR Fribourg.