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    Elderly care

    For people with dementia, images come before words.

    Colourful scenes can be used to create peace of mind and a positive distraction for people suffering from dementia.

    Many patients have difficulty expressing themselves in words. Images provide a direct way of communicating. Views of nature can help alleviate anxiety and even pain.

    Calming and reassuring

    People with dementia have difficulty perceiving space and their surroundings. For example, if they see a door, they may instinctively want to go through it. Screens can be used to disguise exits and other distractions.

    Some residents can feel overwhelmed in common areas such as dining rooms. Screens can be used to create more private and peaceful spaces.

    "The folding screens from Silentia allow us to shield residents and use the images to create peace and relaxation. If we calm the brain, we can prevent stress hormones."

    Birgitte TjørnelundTeacher in Dementia and Neuropedagogy, Southern Social and Health Care College, Denmark.