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Silentia Screens look clean and professional in pure white, however you can choose from our range of attractive colour options to compliment your environment.

Silentia StoryPanels: A Positive Focus for Children in Hospital

Going into hospital can be worrying and upsetting even for adults. But that feeling of anxiety is inevitably worse when it’s a child facing a stay in hospital, no matter how short it might be. That’s why doctors and nurses have learnt to adjust their approaches when they are dealing with children. It helps the […]

Infection Prevention: The Problems Associated with Traditional Hospital Privacy Curtains

Hospitals face a constant struggle when it comes to infection prevention, with every surface and piece of equipment harbouring dangerous pathogens. One such item that’s often overlooked in this war against healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs) is the simple, yet necessary, privacy curtain. The privacy curtain’s primary purpose is to provide privacy to the patient during personal […]

Introducing Hard-Surfaced Privacy Screens: A Viable Alternative to Traditional Privacy Curtains

Traditional hospital privacy curtains are a necessary part of a patient’s care, but they can be unhygienic and contaminated with dangerous pathogens. This reality can lead to patients contracting any number of healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs), including MRSA, C Diff, E Coli and more. That’s why hospitals and other healthcare facilities are having to rethink their […]

NICE quality standard – HAI

Hospital design teams must include IPCT members according to latest NICE guidance. Infection prevention and control team (IPCT) members cannot be left out of design teams when it comes to hospital building, refurbishment and maintenance. This is according to a new NICE quality standard on Healthcare-associated infections published last month. Five quality statements within the standard […]