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    MOBILE Bed End Screen

    Our mobile folding privacy screen make it easy to quickly create a temporary freestanding screen wherever and whenever needed. In addition, wall-mounted Folding Screens can simply be detached from the wall and mounted on a trolley, for transportation elsewhere.

    Mobile solutions make the Silentia Screen System very flexible. Thanks to a patented and patent pending construction, the trolley’s footprint of the wheelbase is designed to take up a minimal amount of space, without interfering with stability.

    The Mobile End Screen can be extended into two different length sizes: 1,5 m (4’11”) and 2 m (6’7”). When folded, the length is 0,55 (21.6”). Mobile End Screens come in two heights: 1,55 m (5’1”) and 1,85 m (6’1”).

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