Infection Control

Silentia screens have hard, wipeable surfaces and can be treated like any other hard surface in the ward. They can be included in the daily cleaning schedule of a ward and, as such, they reduce operating costs and the occurrence of HCAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections).
Silentia ward screens are designed specifically for use in a clinical environment. Approved by Care Quality Commission inspectors and infection control leads in many installations nationwide, our screens have a proven track record in the clinical environment.
Hospital curtains can become contaminated from the day or hour they are put into a ward; whether MRSA, C. Diff, E. Coli, etc. these contaminants will remain in the ward, until the curtains are washed and replaced. So, when new patients inherit previous patients’ curtains, they are also at risk of inheriting their bacteria. Therefore, Silentia screens are a great alternative to curtains. 
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