Folding Screens

Available in 11 lengths (up to 3.75m long) and 3 heights (1.45m, 1.65m amd 1.85m). Folding screens can be wall-mounted or mobile.

Wall Mounted Screen

Flat Panel Fixed Screens

Developed for a more permanent solution where you need to create a room within a room without altering walls and lighting. Fixed panels can be either be attached to walls or free standing floor poles. Use in combination with folding screens for increased flexibility.

Flat Panel Fixed Screen

Bed end screens

Create a temporary, freestanding screen wherever and whenever needed. For example, provide privacy at the end of the bed combined with a wall-mounted screen alongside the bed.

The trolley’s wheelbase takes up a minimal amount space without compromising stability.


Bed-End Screen

Shower screens

Keeping you dry while providing the patient with privacy, wall-mounted Shower Screens can simply be folded back to the wall when not in use.

Daylight Shower Screen