Fast & Silent

Running on wheels instead of rails, and naturally folding back into place as you push, Silentia screens are quick and silent in operation.

Anti-pinch hinging prevents fingers from being nipped.

Single contact point

A single point of contact for opening and closing the screens means that most of the screen is less likely to become contaminated. Only the handle needs to be cleaned on a day to day basis in order to greatly reduce the risk of cross infection.

The EasyReturnTM design means screens can be quickly opened or closed in an emergency

Designed for hospitals

Silentia ward screens are Class I medical devices designed specifically for use in a clinical environment.

Approved by Care Quality Commission inspectors and infection control leads in many installations nationwide, our screens have a proven track record in the clinical environment. Check out come of our case studies.

Silentia screens are easy to keep clean and improve privacy and dignity for the patient without shutting them off from those responsible for their care.