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    Photo Panels

    Silentia’s photo panels are ideal for helping people feel at ease in difficult situations, images and colours can help stimulate positive thoughts and help with stress and anxiety. These would be ideal to use in elderly wards of hospitals as well as care homes and hospices.

    Companies can have their brand printed onto the screen to help promote their company by using their logo and colour scheme.

    story panels


    Our story panels are a great way to create a positive and calm atmosphere for children. The colours, planets and figures help children to use their imagination and focus on something exciting rather than the intense situation they are in.

    There are three types of Story Panel designed for different age groups.

    Art panels

    Art panels are designed to help reduce stress and let patients be distracted by focusing on something else rather than the setting they are in. With the images of cows, fields, farmers and the sky it helps patients to relax and feel calm.

    The water-based oil paintings’ bright and transparent feel is underlined by the translucent Silentia Daylight Screen where daylight flows through and brings life to the picture. The images are in combination with white panels only. The white panel surfaces highlight the images like paintings in a gallery.