Silentia StoryPanels: A Positive Focus for Children in Hospital

Going into hospital can be worrying and upsetting even for adults. But that feeling of anxiety is inevitably worse when it’s a child facing a stay in hospital, no matter how short it might be. That’s why doctors and nurses have learnt to adjust their approaches when they are dealing with children. It helps the […]

Infection Prevention: The Problems Associated with Traditional Hospital Privacy Curtains

Hospitals face a constant struggle when it comes to infection prevention, with every surface and piece of equipment harbouring dangerous pathogens. One such item that’s often overlooked in this war against healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs) is the simple, yet necessary, privacy curtain. The privacy curtain’s primary purpose is to provide privacy to the patient during personal […]

Introducing Hard-Surfaced Privacy Screens: A Viable Alternative to Traditional Privacy Curtains

Traditional hospital privacy curtains are a necessary part of a patient’s care, but they can be unhygienic and contaminated with dangerous pathogens. This reality can lead to patients contracting any number of healthcare-acquired infections (HCAIs), including MRSA, C Diff, E Coli and more. That’s why hospitals and other healthcare facilities are having to rethink their […]