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    Case Study Soerlandet Hospital Kristiansand

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    Soerlandet Hospital Kristiansand, Norway

    Silentia screens in emergency room

    “We are very pleased with Silentia’s folding screens, which we can clean when needed during the day. This is the ideal hygiene solution – and very uncomplicated. Previously we used curtains as screening, but they smelled and were difficult to keep clean. That is why we changed to Silentia’s screen system a year ago,” says leading lecturer nurse, Martin Hauge, at Kristiansand Hospital.


    The emergency room at Kristiansand Hospital in Norway receives between 50 and 80 patients every day with everything from heart attacks and traffic injuries to minor diseases. A highly hygienic and efficient way to screen off patients is therefore needed.

    “This is also a good solution for our patients. The screens seem to absorb more sound and are better for screening off patients than curtains. Tom Nordlie helped us get a very good solution for both screens and installation,” says Martin Hauge.

    “Since the ward needed a very tall screen, I recommended white screens with a Daylight top section to let through more daylight. The curtains blocked the light, and now the room has become brighter and more open,” says Tom Nordlie from Avalon Medical, who is Silentias distributor in Norway.