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    Queen Ingrid's Hospital, Greenland

    A distance of 3,500 km to the customer is no problem – it just requires a little long-distance customer service

    Queen Ingrid’s Hospital in Nuuk has built a new centralised department for Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Surgery, Central Sterile Services and Day Surgery. The department is equipped with Silentia’s folding screens for a total of 20 beds, including four neonatal beds. But when the customer is in Greenland, 3,500 km from Denmark, a little extra customer service is required.

    In order to find the best solution, Silentia maintained a close telephone dialoguewith Queen Ingrid’s Hospital, where clinical director Niels Kieler Jensen was in charge of the rebuilding project and selecting suppliers. On the basis of his measurements and specifications, Henrik Fribo-Søndergaard of Silentia compiled draft proposals and provided advice on the best solution for the department.


    “Henrik provided excellent service, and even offered to send additional clamps and wall mountings with our order at no extra charge, so that we would not lack anything when the new screens were to be installed,” says Niels Kieler Jensen. “Not many other suppliers think about the enormous distances involved, which means that spare parts can be many weeks in transit from Denmark to Greenland. All the way through our extensive reconstruction project, Silentia has been among our top two suppliers.


    For both practical and hygienic reasons, Niels Kieler Jensen did not wish to have curtains or curtain screens in the department. He was therefore in no doubt that Silentia’s screens were the right choice for the new centralised department, which is a busy unit treating critical, acute diseases. “I’ve seen Silentia’s screens in the medical department, so I know that they are both hygienic and practical,” he explains. “The screens are stable and sturdy, and can put up with being pulled around. This is important in a department that deals with a little bit of everything. What’s more, the mobile screens can also be folded away completely, so that they take up minimal space – which is also important in our everyday routine.”


    The Silentia screens were manufactured in Sweden and transported more than 3,500 km, by truck from Falkenberg to Aalborg in Denmark, and from there by ship to Nuuk. The remaining screens for the department arrived in March, after which Henrik Fribo-Søndergaard travelled to Nuuk himself to assist the hospital’s medico-technical department with installation, and to perform a service review of the other screens in the department. The staff were also given a number of useful tips and instructions so that they will themselves be able to maintain the screens and install new ones in future.


    Queen Ingrid’s Hospital is both the national hospital of Greenland and a local hospital for the Nuuk health district. The hospital has a wide variety of specialties represented, and has 156 beds. There are also large treatment facilities in every district of Greenland, either in the form of a health centre or a hospital. If the appropriate treatment cannot be provided in Greenland, patients are transferred to Denmark or Iceland.

    Greenland, the world’s largest island, is characterised by large distances. The area of the country is 2.1 million square kilometres, which is twice the size of all the other Nordic countries combined.

    85 percent of Greenland is covered by ice. The climate is harsh in winter, and because of the ice the settlements in the far north and north-east are visited by supply vessels just twice in the summer, and must make do with what they have all winter.

    The population of Greenland is 56,000, of whom around 15,000 live in the capital, Nuuk.

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