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    Herlev Hospital, Denmark

    Folding screens mean more space for patients

    A trial with Silentia’s folding screens revealed so many benefits that the entire neurology department at Herlev Hospital has now replaced all its curtain screens with folding screens. Besides improving hygiene the screens from Silentia also free up more space around the beds, and save a lot of wasted time in the day-to-day routine.

    “The main benefit is that the Silentia screens are easy to pull out and push back. They take up less space than folding curtain screens, so we have more free space around the patients. Another big advantage is that they are very easy to clean,” explains Mona B. Andersen, nursing secretary in the neurology department at Herlev Hospital. She helped to test Silentia’s folding screens for a planned extension to the emergency admissions ward in autumn 2011.


    “The traditional folding curtain screens took up so much space that they were taken off the ward when they were not in use. So every time we needed a folding screen we had to trek along the corridors or go to other wards to find a screen – if we could find one free at all. That was a waste of time for the staff and involved awkward manhandling of screens, so we were keen to find a better solution when the time came to extend the ward,” says Mona B. Andersen, explaining how they came to test the Silentia screens.

    Colleagues in other departments had already commented on the benefits of the new screens, so in November 2012 the neurology department scrapped all its time- and space-consuming curtain screens and is now the first department at Herlev to use only wall-mounted folding screens.

    Silentia supplied 23 folding screens, each measuring 1.85 metres high and 2.25 metres long, a size that provides good screening around patients. All the screens are wall-mounted and positioned so that they do not obstruct hoists or other equipment.


    Silentia’s folding screens are ergonomically designed in lightweight materials with integrated handles and versatile wheels. They are easy to pull out, and when they are pushed back they automatically fold up correctly.

    The smooth surfaces meet strict hygiene requirements and withstand the disinfectants that are used in hospitals. The wheels can easily be removed and washed in a dishwasher.


    A wide cross-section of patients come to the neurology emergency admissions ward – men and women, young and old – and it is important that staff can screen patients off so that they and their relatives can relax. The trial quickly showed that the screens fitted in well with the daily routine.

    “We found straightaway that the screens worked very well with our patients and the equipment on the ward. Now they are always close to hand and we no longer have to worry about where to find a screen. There is still space for our ceiling hoists, and when we are not using the screens we can push them against the wall so they are out of the way. The new screens are also a lot nicer than our flowery curtain screens, which easily got torn and stained. Now we have a clean and simple look that is much more pleasant,” says Mona B. Andersen.

    The trial in the emergency admissions ward quickly showed that the folding screens from Silentia fit in very well with the daily routine.