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    Altstätten Hospital, Switzerland

    Versatile room divider from Silentia provides easy, smart and effective solution for all needs

    How can we combine two different functions in our cardiology examination room without disturbing the patients? At Altstätten Hospital the focus is on patient care, and thanks to Silentia the cardiology department found a smart solution to their question.

    “I was very positively surprised with the Silentia solution. And the feedback from the whole team on investment, nstallation, quality and design has been overwhelmingly positive. We would consider a similar Silentia solution again if needed,” says Tanja Gygax, purchasing manager at Altstätten Hospital in the north east of the canton of St. Gallen.


    The cardiology examination room is intended for the ambulatory examination of two different patients at the same time. An ECG examination can be carried out on one patient lying on a couch while at the same time another patient undergoes a physiological test. The hospital staff wanted to divide the room to give the patients more privacy. They considered a permanent partition wall, but this would mean major changes to the room, would create a very inflexible solution and would take at least a couple of days. That would mean closing down activities on the ward and disturbance due to noise and dust.


    Tanja Gygax was then presented with the idea of using Silentia’s screen system to divide the room. In Partnership with Med-Innova SA, Silentia’s representative in Switzerland, a 1.85-metre-high fixed screen was chosen in combination with a folding screen that could be extended as a folding door. The solution would permit complete screening of the patients for minimal investment. The setup is highly flexible – within half an hour it can be removed again. Tanja Gygax and Petra Maier, team leader in the endoscopy and cardiology department, had several requirements that the solution from Silentia should meet:

    Requirements for Silentia screens

    • No crevices, screws nor other components where dirt would be able to stick.
    • The screen should be easy to clean with surface disinfectant.
    • Neutral and harmonious design. Easy to use and operate.
    • The screen had to be stable and offer versatile usage.
    • Costs had to be kept within the budget.

    “The solution from Silentia meets our expectations perfectly,” says Petra Maier, team leader in the endoscopy and cardiology department. She and the staff found it a brilliant solution, and decided to go ahead. They were surprised that it only took one and a half hours to install the Silentia wall and folding screen – and practically without dust, noise or disruption during installation.


    “The fact that the wall is movable delivers the best possible solution. The room can now be used very efficiently. More patients can now be examined in a single room, and the movable screens offer good protection of patients’ privacy even though they do not provide noise reduction. We are very satisfied and happy with this solution,” says Petra Maier.


    The health sector is developing very fast and has a great need for flexible and futureproof solutions. Using Silentia’s screen system, hospitals are able to adapt wards and treatment units to suit their changing needs for the efficient treatment of patients.

    “The folding screen means we can make optimum use of the space. Several patients can be treated in the same room without any invasion of their privacy. We are very happy with this solution,” says Petra Maier, team leader in the endoscopy and cardiology department at Altstätten Hospital in the Swiss canton of St. Gallen.


    This solution by Silentia allows patients to be completely screened off in a room which serves two functions: An ECG examination can be carried out on one patient lying on a couch while at the same time another patient takes a stress test.