Hassle free Privacy Screens boost infection control in Glasgow.

Staff find that they can maintain a high level of hygiene of these screens that you wouldn’t be able to do with curtains. Before replacing curtains with hard surface, folding screens they experienced bed blocking while staff wait for curtains to be changed. This has now been eliminated. Silentia Screens can be easily and quickly wiped down in minutes.

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Case Study – Golden Jubilee Hospital Glasgow

Uri, Switzerland

Providing proper privacy in twin rooms

Silvia Rosery, Head of Nursing, Therapy, and Patient Procedures at the Cantonal Hospital in Uri needed a a better privacy solution than curtains for twin rooms. The solution needed to be both flexible and visually appealing and needed to be practical in rooms with limited space.

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Case Study Cantonal Hospital Uri Switzerland

Männedorf Hospital, Switzerland

The design, the multitude of options and the hygiene aspect were what clinched it.

In the new accident and emergency unit at Männedorf Hospital – boasting the very latest in medical and building services engineering – all curtains have been replaced by Silentia screens, both on health grounds and due to their superior quality.

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Case Study – Männedorf Hospital, Switzerland

HFR Fribourg, Switzerland

Thanks to Silentia our open space floor plan is more flexible.

How do you organize the best possible patient flow in an intensive care unit? “Silentia’s folding screens inspired our staff to find the best combination between open spaces and private rooms.”

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Case Study – HFR Fribourg, Switzerland

North Walsham Hospital, England

Improving infection control and patient dignity

Installing Silentia screens at recently opened North Walsham Hospital has won plaudits from patients, their visitors and clinical staff alike. “The screens are easier to clean than curtains and there are no delays in patient admissions,” Beth Kimber, head of infection prevention and control at Norfolk Community Health and Care NHS Trust, told Inside Hospitals.

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Case Study – North Walsham Hospital, England

Queen Ingrid’s Hospital, Greenland

Queen Ingrid’s Hospital in Nuuk has built a new centralised department for Anaesthesia, Intensive Care, Surgery, Central Sterile Services and Day Surgery.

In order to find the best solution, Silentia maintained a close telephone dialogue with Queen Ingrid’s Hospital, where clinical director Niels Kieler Jensen was in charge of the rebuilding project and selecting suppliers. On the basis of his measurements and specifications, Henrik Fribo-Søndergaard of Silentia compiled draft proposals and provided advice on the best solution for the department.

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Case Study – Queen Ingrid’s Hospital, Greenland

BB Sophia, Stockholm, Sweden

When a hospital doesn’t look like a hospital, patients feel more at ease

The newly opened BB Sophia maternity clinic is furnished in a tasteful and welcoming style that makes it feel quite different than the average hospital. In the neonatal unit, which treats acutely ill newborns and premature babies, Silentia’s Screen System have been transformed into works of art.

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Case Study – BB Sophia, Stockholm, Sweden

Soerlandet Hospital Kristiansand, Norway

Silentia screens in emergency room

Folding screens are better for screening off patients that curtains.

The emergency room at Kristiansand Hospital in Norway receives between 50 and 80 patients every day with everything from heart attacks and traffic injuries to minor diseases.  A highly hygienic and efficient way to screen off patients is therefore needed.

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Case Study – Soerlandet Hospital Kristiansand, Norway

Altstätten Hospital, Switzerland

Versatile room divider from Silentia provides easy, smart and effective solution for all needs

“I was very positively surprised with the Silentia solution. And the feedback from the whole team on investment, installation, quality and design has been overwhelmingly positive. We would consider a similar Silentia solution again if needed,” says Tanja Gygax, purchasing manager at Altstätten Hospital in the north east of the canton of St. Gallen.

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Case Study – Altstätten Hospital, Switzerland

Herlev Hospital, Denmark

Folding screens mean more space for patients

A trial with Silentia’s folding screens revealed so many benefits that the entire neurology department at Herlev Hospital has now replaced all its curtain screens with folding screens.  Besides improving hygiene the screens from Silentia also free up more space around the beds, and save a lot of wasted time in the day-to-day routine.

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Case Study – Herlev Hospital, Denmark

Køge Hospital, Denmark

When patients inherit curtains they also inherit bacteria

Hospital hygiene is in the spotlight, especially bed hygiene.  But what about patient screens? Studies show that the curtains between patients carry large numbers of antibiotic-resistant bacteria.  Providing hygienic patient screens is therefore a vital step in the battle against hospital infections.

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Case Study – Køge Hospital, Denmark

Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Folding screens replace curtain screens

Odense Univresity Hospital (OUH) has been testing and comparing new folding screens from Silentia ApS against old curtain screens as privacy screening for patients.  The results clearly showed the benefits of the folding screens.

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Case Study – Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark

Folding wins grounds

Staff at Hvidovre Hospital Day Surgery Unit are very pleased with the introduction of Silentia’s screen system.

Folding screens are gaining growing popularity in Danish hospitals as a replacement for curtains for screening off patients.

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Case Study – Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark

Odense University Hospital, Denmark

Consultation is just as important as high-quality screens

Screen supplier Silentia and Odense University Hospital have successfully optimised the selection and installation of patient screens at Svendborg Hospital thanks to extensive user involvement.  The project is one of the largest to date for Silentia, but it is also one of the company’s most successful.  It all comes down to exceptional collaboration and the open attitudes of Silentia, Odense University Hospital (OUH) and Svendborg Hospital.  Each has been closely involved and made its own contribution to the project.

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Case Study – Odense University Hospital