Stimulates the senses

Silentia’s PhotoPanels™ offer a powerful tool for caregivers to provide well-being and positive thoughts for people in the healthcare sector.

Design your own privacy screen!

Silentia’s new, online design configurator helps you create exactly the privacy screen you need for your healthcare setting. Pick the type of screen, installation, size, design and then mail them directly to us.

Comfort with storytelling

Silentia’s StoryPanels™ offers a way to give children a playful and positive atmosphere. A powerful tool for the healthcare sector to comfort children.

Unfold the magic of nature

Silentia’s ArtPanels™ is a new solution in providing bright colors of nature to give hospital patients a stress-reducing effect by letting them focus on something positive instead of their condition.

Easy to clean surfaces reducing the risk of infection in a hospital environment.
Specify from a range of different heights, lengths and formats for any situation.
Choose from a wide range of different colours and patterns to suit every need.
Our Easy Concept summons the easy handling of our Silentia screen system.

The Future in Privacy and Hygiene Solutions. 

Our Silentia Screens are a great alternative to curtains with their easy to clean surfaces which reduces cross-infection and their flexibility allowing them to be adapted in any setting. The Silentia screen comes in many colours and designs which is a great distraction for young children in intense situations.  They are available in many different sizes to suit every need. When folding and unfolding our Silentia screens very little noise is made meaning it won’t disturb patients. 

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