Care & maintenance


A Silentia screen is made up of :

  • Surfaces of high pressure laminate
  • Hinges of anodized aluminium
  • Panel borders of ABS
  • Wheels of polyamide (Nylon)
  • Wheel taps of electrolytic galvanised steel.

All these materials have a well documented resistance against a wide range of chemicals.


Silentia screens are easy to keep clean, the smooth surfaces can quickly be cleaned in position and withstand the majority of detergents used in healthcare. The screen surface does not trap dust, the gap under the screen facilitates cleaning of floor surfaces, and if necessary, the wheels are easily removed for cleaning. When required, clean the screens with warm water and ethanol, or common surface cleaners or disinfectants, such as Sterillium. Do not apply lots of water, a damp cloth with your cleaner is sufficient. To clean the wheels; just take the screen down from the wall and pull out the wheels from the screen for mechanical cleaning. The wheels solely can also be cleaned in a dishwasher. When necessary, drop some oil on the axle.

Note: Silentia Screens are not suitable for steam cleaning or cleaning in a dishwasher or bed wash.