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Hospital Privacy Screens

Hard surface, folding ward screens which are easy to clean and designed for use in a clinical environment. Silentia screens help maintain patient dignity without closing in. Our flexible privacy screens can be quickly moved out of the way and take up very little space at the wall.

Folding, Fixed or Mobile

Available in a wide range of colours and patterns, our folding screens provide flexible screening in many different environments.
Fixed screens have been developed for situations where more permanent screening is required, for example a changing area, or other room within a room.
Mobile units make it easy to create a temporary free-standing screen wherever the need arises.

Intelligent Design

Simplicity is a benefit of intelligent design. Find out more about the key features which make our ward screens uniquely hygienic, versatile and easy to use.


Screens have smooth cleanable surfaces and wheels which are easy to remove for washing.


Hinges fold alternately left and right making the screen as easy to fold in as it is to pull out.


The same wall mounted screen is easy to remove and mount on a trolley or other system component giving complete versatility.

New Screen Height

Click here to find out the various heights for screens, including our new 1.65m high screen

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Sound Insulation

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